Hi my name is Andy Small if you are one of our customers, thanks for your support and partnership, if you are looking for information on how we can be helpful to you and your sales organization thanks for stopping by.

I began my sales career in 1980 facing double digit inflation, and taking a job for a $150 per week with a small chemical company, working through the ranks of sales management, national account sales with 2 fortune 500 companies then starting Directional Achievement in 2006.

I’ve never left my post.

I along with our team are still focusing on the proven fundamentals and adapting as market conditions and customer priorities change.

Our Mission

Our mission at Directional Achievement is simple. We are relationship driven with attention to detail to develop sales training methodology to help our customers sell and better serve their customers.

We focus on sales professionals, sales organizations and business owners to help them sell and produce at a higher level.

We understand that a thriving sales organization has two simple objectives that must remain in balance:

  • The first step is a robust pipeline for new sales logos with a sales development plan.
  • The second is customer retention & organic sales growth strategy.

What We Do

Our customers want a training curriculum ‘in person or virtual’ that they can use and apply in a practical manner at any level of their customer’s organization with retention, organic growth or new business development.

We understand that the unexpected twists and turns still exist.

Some of these challenges include:


Sales increases/decreases over time. Let's take a look and measure how fast your business is expanding.


Let us help you increase profits per sale without decreasing the quality.


Support that is offered both before and after they buy the sale of a products or services. How is the promise your brand standing out in the minds of your customers?

Onboarding and Personal Development

We can help guide you through the process of correctly identifying the positions available and the skills needed to bring on new talent.

Let's Start With The Following...

  1. To make sure that everything we do for you is done with intention and in alignment with your sales objectives?
  2. Our thinking process is ask what your targeted priorities are.
    • The typical thinking process is what do we need?
    • We reverse this, the question becomes what do you need and what do your customers need?
    • In the end our needs are secondary and our customers’ needs are primary.
  3. To “break out of predictability’ with a “creative process” that will connect with your customers and prospects.

When you do provide a service with intention it never burns you out. As mentioned I’ve been at my post since 1980 and plan on continuing as long as we can help sales organization grow and thrive.

We are here to serve.

If our mission resonates with what you are trying to achieve I would love to learn more around what you are trying to accomplish with your specific goals and objectives.

You can reach me by phone, email or on LinkedIn.