Who We Are

About Directional Achievement

Our Mission:

Our measure of success is to assist you in becoming ‘First Among Equals’ on your team, organization and industry.

Our Story:

In 2006 I began Directional Achievement LLC because I saw a real need for practical sales training and mentoring for sales leaders, sales professionals and business owners that really understood their journey and challenges. We believed there was a lack of real world experience adapting to current market conditions and that is what we are striving for with each of our customers to deliver a digital selling experience.

We understand that an effective sales organization has two simple objectives that must remain in balance:

  • The first step is a robust ‘pipeline’ for new sales with a sales development plan.
  • The second is customer retention & organic sales growth.

We are a highly creative organization delivering results to key stakeholders in solar, industrial fasteners, chemical, Jan-San & workers compensation.

Our Approach:

Our logo is a tugboat. You are the captain of your ship…we are here to assist.

About Andy

Andy Small’s mission statement is

"To teach and train for positive growth”.

Andy Small is a proven selling expert and trainer who specializes in providing value based solutions for new business development, organic sales growth, and customer retention. Since founding his company in 2006 Andy has developed a track record for assisting his customers in discovering their unique value and growth in markets that deal with difficult to reach decision makers, perceived product/service parity, and adapting to the economic challenges that exist today. He has established a reputation for delivering solid solutions, which can be applied in a practical manner and resonates at each level of your customer’s organization.

As a prolific trainer with a background of sales experience that includes two Fortune 500 companies and experience in selling and directing the initiatives of large and small sales teams Andy understands your desire to discover your unique value and to acquire the skills in order to compete in today’s market and to reach your full selling potential.